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Women's retreat
on the Nile in Cairo, Egypt

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Welcome beloved sisters to this pilgrimage of a lifetime through the sacred land of Kemet/ Egypt. This shamanic journey supports the feminine rites of passage that connect the intergenerational timelines between women and the ancestral lineage.


Isis is a midwife, sister, daughter and she who connects us all through the pain of birth and its joys. The pain of sorrow and its heartbreaking beauty. She is the modern day medicine carrier of all that is real through the waters of blood and tears, song and herb and above all her eternal longing and deep deep devotion to the beloved and source of all that is.


As we work with Auset we dive deep into memory, into our vast past that shapes our future until we choose to en-lighten the heart to step into a more aligned future with our true divine selves.


This journey is one of a gentle purging, clearing, distilling and purification of all that has been, so that the inner alchemical process of transmutation begins, and our power may become whole again.



Women of all generations who longs deeply in their womb and heart to live in a world of connection and remembrance of nature and of all that is.

Women who feel the pain of disconnection and long to offer their sorrows to a purge of collective transmutation and sing the song of transformation.

Women who are ready to offer everything up to the altar of the great Mother to become a vessel that waives with the intelligence of life.

Women who feel a deep devotion to the path of isis and have some deep calling to walk her path.


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As we float on the water on our own boat we will embark on a very distinct journey with the elements. This awakening of our inner alchemist and wise woman enables us to discern what is self creation and what is self destruction through understanding poisons and cures.

As we open our hearts and eyes to past failures and success we realize there isn't much separation. Our collective learning passes through timelines and we are able to embody a joyful approach to the nature of our reality

The womb gates offer us pathways to our creativity , and these deep waters of NUN are the source of creation. To allow the spaciousness for the unknown and unformed, to allow for healthy chaos and a new order, to make room for darkness and for light. To hold within us the great wisdom of paradox and give birth to authentic and empowered expression.

One of Egypts medicines is the drum, this ageless rhythm offering support for the hips to root and fly, to empower the womb and soften the control. Here as women we connect with the other local woman in a common language, dance.

One day will be dedicated to communing and sharing the stories with the local woman with Jasmeen as a local and translator we can meet women in all her ways and cross cultures.

We invite sisters and friends to come together and a small discount will be given as a gratitude for bringing your sisterhood to the space.

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Day 1: Lunch and opening circle in a beautiful eco resort camp right opposite the temple of isis

Day 2: Visit the temple of isis and sail around the area in the heart of Nubia

Day 3: Day of ceremony and exploring the land of Isis

Day 4: Set sail to Komombo

Day 5: Visit the temple of Komombo

Day 6: Sailing, water and sea

Day 7: Temple of Karnak meeting Sekhmet

Day 8: The Tombs and valley of Queens

Day 9: Temple of Hathor

Day 10: travel to Cairo in the morning / Private access at night

Day 11: Final day to integrate

Day 12: Departure


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Early Bird Shared Room: 3900 Euros

Early bird Single Room (king suite on boat): 1000 Euros

Only a 500 euro deposit is required to secure your spot!

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