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is the founder of Blue Lotus School. She supports beings into shamanic processes of deep transformation through guided journeys, embodiment practices, emotional body integration and tantra. She grew up in Egypt and has connected deeply to the culture and her ancestors from a young age. On her Kemetic/ Ancient Egyptian path, the Blue Lotus has become her totem medicine. She has lovingly served it for 14 years during her world travels.
She currently faciliates with ISTA ( International School of Temple Arts) and offers ceremonies and rituals on her travels. She offers Journeys on the Nile each year visiting the ancient temples.
Her studies and degrees involve, a BA in Mass media and sociology, 3 years of classical theatre, diplomas in tantra, kinesiology, 600 Hrs of Ancient Egyptian Yoga, theosophical esoterics, ayurveda, many courses in massage from different traditions, 3,5 years of apprenticeship with Highden mystery school, further studies in african cosmolgy…. and much more. 


handles all things administrative and aesthetic at Bliss School. She is an accomplished photographer, videographer and art director. She aims to bring venusian beauty into form and capture the essence of sensuality. She has a BFA in experimental and ritualistic theatre from Simon Fraser University and has studied at mystery schools Las Pyramides in Guatemala, ISTA level 1 + 2 and Ashram of Love in Malta.

She has 10 years of private vocal training, having competed in singing competitions in her youth. She has been apart of multiple touring bands. She is also a certified yoga and acro yoga teacher and loves all things embodiment and movement. She has travelled all over the world and is excited to help bring the Blue Lotus' essence to more people around the globe.

I am a Mother, a Teacher, a Three Times Bestselling Author, Writer for Forbes and I am wildly passionate about Business. Business is my love language. It is my vehicle for Magick (and Magick is my other love language). Magick is the practise of working with ceremonial ritual, in order to create union with ones true self (essence, or essential nature). It is the purification of the lower personality, into a higher state, so that a person can align with the Divine. It is also IN the practise of Magick and the knowing of our true self, that we align with the truth of who we are and how we are meant to be of service in the world.

My work is in supporting you to lift up & out of that start of scarcity, so that you can meet yourself deeply. I call the process I teach, Embodied Truth. Because my work is NOT just about working with Magick & the Spiritual Realms. It is about landing your vision deeply into your physical vessel and through your Soma, through working with Somatic Practises, S*x Magic, Breathwork, Plant Medicine & Ceremonial Rituals aligned with current Astrology




is a peace facilitator and new civilization architect from Egypt and Canada. Mona is the founder of Together/Ma3ba3d – a movement for planetary co-creation coming out of Egypt/Africa, Mother of Civilization. For the past 10 years, she has been working with others to develop and prototype new processes and technologies to facilitate large-scale personal and collective transformation and co-creation of breakthrough innovation and communities. She currently runs the ‘Together Temple’ based in Maadi, Cairo where she is hosting an emerging co-creative community, conscious events, and Together’s first quest for large-scale co-creation ‘Lotus Rising Quest’. She has been working with the blue lotus for rebirth of a new civilization for years. She grows it and makes products from it and hosts various events and ceremonies connected to the blue lotus. She has also been designing and prototyping a ‘Lotus Rising’ currency and quest to invite people to ‘rise from the mud’ like the lotus and be reborn and to heal the Nile. 



is an initiated Shaman, a certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher, certified Master’s Transformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Negative Emotional Therapist™, Negative Belief Therapist™, a Womb Shaman, an independent Usui Reiki Masters, an internationally certified Karuna © Reiki and Lightarian™ Reiki Master. She also holds two degrees, in Business Administration and Social Entrepreneurship. “In my late twenties I suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), minor stroke, being paralyzed and unable to speak. After a year of speech and physiotherapy I was able to walk and talk. I was determined not to live a life on conventional western medicine. I would occasionally suffer minor seizures until my initiation as a Shaman, where these seizures strangely disappeared.
I began this transformational spiritual journey over twenty years ago.  I take my yoga, personal empowerment & spiritual practice seriously. My passion is assisting others, like you, overcome the obstacles and challenges holding you back. I believe my experiences help me to enable others to overcome their difficulties. 
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