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The private mentorship is a deep dive container supporting you to refine your offer and your subject of interest. 

Whether you are interested in sharpening your skills of speech, purpose and delivery or you simple wish to be more precise in your offering with ritual, shamanic spaces and alchemical processed we can support you. 
Examples of mentorships:
* Blue Lotus Mentorship- Learn to work with the Blue Lotus in ceremony and personally 
* Kemetic/ Egyptian Alchemy and shamanic journeying 
* Working with refining and clarifying your offering- purpose. 
Mentorship duration can last between 2-6 months depending on the package you choose. 


If you wish to be supported in a deeper process of coming home by being held in a loving and nurturing container these private sessions can perhaps be the right match.
If you require support with:
* Heartache issues due to past situations , breakups, loss or bereavement
* Feeling lost and confused with purpose, direction 
* Depression and anxiety * Relationships and intimacy 
* Sexual and erotic issues * Trust and surrender
* Just wish to be seen and supported in flowering in your gift 
* Deepening in your capacity to journey 
* Death and letting go for new beginnings 
We have different packages ranging from one sessions to 10 sessions. 
We highly recommend booking a course of sessions to see results due to your commitment 



This is a perfect choice if your company would like support in bridging the members of the team together in a more loving and dynamic way that will boost the creativity and productivity of all involved. 
Any conflicts and disputes can be cleared through the approaches we take to connect the team and value insights and feelings and also align the team to a core value. 



These sessions are from the ancient temple times. Perfect for a divine experience with yourself and your own creator power in the most exquisite sensational way. 

These sessions enliven our sense of aliveness, beauty and fullness. 

Leave feeling touched to the core, loved and nurtured as you so deeply deserve.

These sessions are rare to find and will only be offered to a select few ready to receive such an awakening upon application process.


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