Blue Lotus International Soul School (BLISS) 𓆸

A sanctuary for the soul's journey of emergence, rooted in ancient wisdom of Ancient Egypt/Kemet and honouring other ancient universal wisdom teachings from around the world.

Our journeys are gateways, designed to help beings access deeper parts of themselves. We are dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the blue lotus, ancient cosmology and stories and the nourishment and innocence of sacred sexuality.

We believe that this wisdom can reshape our interactions with each other and in turn, help us to build more conscious, interconnected communities. We offer a space where beings can come and learn, helping to find their voice, creativity, and purpose - transforming life's challenges into fertile ground for creation.

All of our creations are inspired by the teachings from the ancient texts and temples of Kemet. Woven together to form our own creations, each offering is uniquely designed to create an immersive experiences to help embody this wisdom on a deep level.  

The Legend of the Blue Lotus 𓆸

There is a legend in Ancient Egypt that says when the blue lotus returns to the Nile, humanity will remember and awaken. It will rise again in consciousness. At this moment in time, the blue lotus is indeed making a return to the collective consciousness, a promising sign that the time of realisation of that prophecy is now.

The blue lotus represents a very intimate resemblance to the journey of the human soul and reminds us of our interconnectedness with the natural world.

Symbolising our journey through life, the lotus starts in the mud, where challenges and lessons give us depth and stability, and we expand our capacity for self-love, eventually the heart opens and we can rise and bloom, radiating our gifts to the world. 

This is the journey we wish to facilitate for every individual who walks the path with us at BLISS. It is also our vision for the world to blossom into awakening.

Our Vision

At BLISS we stand for change 𓆸

We aim to eliminate dis-ease of the mind, heart and body and enable beings to live a life of joy, ease and purpose. We believe that by supporting this shift on an individual level, we also support wider societal change and assist in the blossoming of a new civilization.

At BLISS we dream 𓆸

Each dream that is moving forward with will and intentional action will eventually bring us heaven on Earth. Heaven is but a flourishing garden and so we are excited for this regeneration of land and community through art and creativity, one blossoming flower at a time. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

Our core values

We dream of the revival of the wild Earth body to her full power and beauty

We are advocates for the purification and restoration of water 

The lotus flower itself grows from mud and water. Our intention is to collaborate with water projects and environmental clean ups as this is a reflection of the deeper grounding of the soul work.

A percentage of profits will be going to projects working towards this mission.

We stand for education around sacred sexuality as a birthright 

To live in pleasure and restore innocence to the body.

A lot of pain and suffering arises in the ignorance and fear or shame of exploring these vital themes and the consequences of this can be seen sometimes in the extremes of FGM (female genital mutilation).

The essence of all life and creation is but borne from a woman's womb with the seed of life. Therefore the health and knowledge of honouring our sacred bodies and vital health force is part of the foundations of this school.

We have a vision of an economy built on care and a sense of prosperity 

Our world’s greatest crime is poverty, and the biggest prison is but one of scarcity. In a world filled with such abundance it is completely nonsensical that so many would suffer from such lack.

This lack is but a withholding of circulation of resources. The feminine circulates, and therefore as the school progresses, we plan to develop our own digital currency.

Coming Soon…

Per Auset Temple Land

B.L.I.S.S. is the online platform of a broader project that is in the works dedicated to establishing a living temple land and community in Egypt, where these ancient teachings will be deeply anchored in a space where the land and the spirit can be restored to its power and original state of innocence through regeneration.

25% of all profits from BLISS school goes to the land and the local community. 

Per Auset in Aswan, Southern Egypt is soon to be a place to gather in community with the land and the Auset temple on site. Please ask for more information if this interests you.

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