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The Blue Lotus
represents a very
intimate resemblence to
the journey of the human soul.

From mud to bud to lotus, the blue lotus supports our journey through life.

The mud is a place where life can feel dense and weighs us down and yet it contains our lessons and experiences to give us depth, roots , wisdom and stability. In the acceptance of these more challenging times we move to the bud which is the heart and expand our capacity to hold and love ourselves. By natures law the flower blooms and we are able to radiate our gift to the world.

This school is a sanctuary for the soul journey. A space of education and yet also inspiration. 

A space for art to meet science in the utter simplicity of seeing and observing things as they are. A place to express, to find ones voice, creativity and purpose from embracing the mud as a fertile ground of creation. At bliss school pleasure is essential and embracing beauty, intimacy and our sensuality is a key to creating from a state of bliss and receptivity. Art, creativity and especially sound and music are very important for the transformational qualities they bring.
We support all this through unique retreats, trainings, mentorships, online courses and coaching programmes with our incredible team.

At B.L.I.S.S school we stand for a change, a deeply personal one that eliminates the dis-ease of mind, heart and body to a life of joy, ease and purpose. This internal shift will only emanate outwards into a more social and global one.

Lotus grows from mud and water. Therefore we are advocates for the purification and restoration of water and our vision is to collaborate with water projects and environmental clean ups as this is only a reflection of the deeper grounding of the soul work.
We also stand for the education and eradication of FGM ( female genital mutilation). The essence of all life and creation is but borne from a woman's womb with the seed of life. Therefore the health and knowledge of honouring our sacred bodies and vital health force is also an important stage of building the foundations of this school.
Our worlds greatest crime is poverty, and the biggest prison is but one of scarcity. In a world filled with such abundance it is completely nonsensical that so many would suffer from such lack. This lack is but a withholding of circulation of resources. The feminine circulates and therefore as the school progresses we plan to have our own digital currency as a way of a new economy built on care and a sense of prosperity.  

At B.L.I.S.S school we dream, and each dream that is moving forward with will and right action will eventually bring us heaven on Earth. Heaven is but a flourishing garden and so we are excited for this regeneration of land and community through art and creativity one blossoming flower at a time. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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