Dearest Jasmeen. Thank you for a magical week. The venue, food, and companions exceeded all expectations. Your message of union, based on the ancient Egyptian traditions, resonated at a soul level. Offering your teachings on Samothraki bridged the very oldest guidance into the classical age and your delivery brought them into the present and the timeless. Thank you.

Your vibration is divine.

So thank you for your voice and showing us your truth and vulnerability again and again. 

This is the important help for all the people 

Thank you sister.

- Joanna, Berlin/ Finland

This was written,

long time ago... Thank You for the remembrance.

I feel You,

I see You,

I love You.

Meet You again in the dark...

- Mirdharam Khalsa

Feeling waves of gratitude for this journey into my rawness and realness!!! This is truly powerful medicine, and your voice was soothing and inviting me to go deeper <3

- Kamillie Aviana Shasmina Jalloul


Dear Jasmeen,

Even for a writer it is difficult to find the words to describe our journey. Still, I'll make an attempt. Jasmeen gets it. And I'm not just talking about the history, philosophy and magic of Egypt, but also about organizing retreats. The pilgrimage was well organized by her and her skilled team. Far away from home, you still feel at home. From that safe space I could enjoy and surrender myself to everything that came my way. The steps were big and my process deep. But whatever presents itself, Jasmeen has all the knowledge and tools to support you. She does this with love and in a pure, 'straight to the point' and 'no nonsense' way. Jasmeen cuts straight to the chase. In this way she helps you to grow and truly transform. She has many talents and telling stories is certainly one of them! I slumped like a little child, enjoying every word. She is a networker and a connector. Someone who gives everything! Dear Jasmeen, not only this pilgrimage, but you too are a gift! I am grateful to myself for booking this adventure. I would do it again without a doubt! And I am indescribably grateful to you for everything you have given me, such as knowledge and wisdom about myself and life. A good dose of self-confidence and memories that will stay with me not only in this, but hopefully also in the next life. Remember!

With love, 

Chantal Loverbos

The architecture, wisdom, alchemy, energy container and offerings were measured in such harmony that allowed my being to open up and affirm the sweet and bitter wisdom of the blue lotus alchemy . mmm through your sensual mastery of the earth and cosmic mysteries beloved Jasmeen.

- Lila, UK/ Czech 

Magical Journey of trust and surrender to life force, supported by nature and the laws of nature. Jasmeen shared with us her gifts and knowledge so gracefully and right to the core. 

You are a sensual powerhouse 


Deep gratitude and love.

- Nadia Hya, Egypt/Berlin

Jasmeen has a gift of bringing ancient myths alive through her story telling. She opens a doorway for wild imagination, where Kemet starts to breathe again in my body. The simple act of her being is a transmission of these mysteries and it is her devotion and surrender to them that touched me and opened me the most. I feel such deep homecoming from my time with her and the group on the Nile.

- Celeste Gonzales

This journey was incredibly powerful for me in this moment! Exactly what I needed as my partner is struggling with losses and I'm creating a separate reality for myself. The Phoenix rising from the ashes, not allowing myself to be taken down by his emotions or his separateness, or the fear so rampant in the world right now. <3 Deep gratitude.

- Lourdes Starshower Pollock

Been on a journey of becoming more and more aware of my emotions, and that just led to more and more confusion... perhaps your input will help me to focus more on my body instead of going into the analytical mind. Thanks

I really loved the "I am not here not to trigger you!" - so raw and unapologetic

And also, the "name it so you can tame it!"

- Emese Kovács

It touched so deep. I did the journey with my beloved cosmic lover, such powerful flow of the all bodys, and open hearts. I want to be loved more and more, releasing the water through the fears. Thank you, love your spirit

- Nirit Gdalyahu



I felt this journey is a good integration to find yourself. A part needed in the initiation system. In the mysteries of Egypt and Greece and to creativity. 

How to form, shape and discover yourself. 

Also a different way to appreciate nature, outside and inside. 

Feeling very grateful for that as the space helped me to integrate myself a lot. 

How to relate to tantra, sex, shadow work, pleasure and bring it all to the heart. 

I learnt a lot about shedding the weight of the heart

I have taken two trips with you, Jasmeen; together we have sailed the Nile and celebrated ancient Greek culture on Samothraki. My first experience can only be described as life changing. I was not a seasoned world traveler nor well versed in Egyptian history before our experience together last November. I had decided to return to school after my ISTA Level I and had the added pressure of trying to complete a month’s worth of assignments before our departure as my professors denied my request and no extensions would be granted for the time away. I was also involved in a relationship that was causing significant anxiety and very apprehensive about sharing the trip with them. Basically, I was an emotional wreck by the time we landed in Cairo. The relationship did indeed implode during our time on the Nile. But somehow, something major shifted inside me over the course of our journey and my anxiety, which had always seemed to be my constant companion in life, was just GONE when I returned home. I don’t understand what happened or how things shifted, but my guardedness and tentativeness about my life vanished and I lived in that beautiful state of ease for months after our return home. It was so very lovely to feel such a sense of calmness. Of course, life happens, and triggers still pop up, but the ball of knots I always seemed to carry in my belly has disappeared. I still feel grounded stability guiding me through my days and will be eternally grateful for the peace I brought home with me from Egypt. This trip has been the first retreat/event/festival that I have ever attempted where I was at ease from the time I stepped onto the plane until now, the day after our retreat on Samothraki as I type this “love letter” to you, to thank you for sharing your gifts, your wisdom, and your kindness with the world. 


With much love and gratitude,


Jasmeen’s teachings helped me move from the unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence stage of my spiritual journey. She not only helped me clear many mental clouds to see the mountain in-front of me, but she also helped me gain access to the will power and devotion required to start climbing the mountain. Her teachings also resonated deeply with my values of enthusiastic consent. And the way she helps embody and instil her teachings is very powerful and admirable as well.

- Hamza, Berlin

Honestly, I would not change a thing. 

It was a symphony of what was obviously a lifetime of experience and wisdom. You have a natural gift and have held space with utter grace and navigated this soul journey for us safely, openly, freely, with an open heart. The world needs you 

You and your wonderful team have made all the difference for me. The structure and architecture of this event were flawless and the context was deeply insightful, meaningful and enlightening. 


Emmanuel - Athens