Blue Lotus International Soul School (BLISS) is a place of education and inspiration, supporting soul emergence on both an individual and collective level, drawing on the wisdom and teachings from Kemet and honouring other wisdom teachings from ancient civilisations around the world as universal blueprints of love and power.

Kemet is the Ancient Egyptian word for Egypt which means the land of the rich black soil. It is an African based culture that later grew branches into western civilisation.

By weaving this profound wisdom into our modern world and daily lives, we believe we can collectively cultivate an abundant future where we can all live in BLISS - in authentic, deep connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world.

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Free Blue Lotus Mini Course

Learn more about the sacred blue lotus flower and connect with this medicine in our free mini online course - a gift of BLISS from us to you.


1 Guided meditation, 1 Video transmission, 1 Blue Lotus ceremony video and a mini manual


The pure and physical united: The animal and ascended master as one. The brutal elegance of nature birthed within. This is what BLISS stands for—welcoming all without judgment, as part of the divine inner architecture.

A return to Nature and to Nurture 


Jasmeen is a shamanic guide, facilitator of soul emergence and guardian of ancient wisdom.

With decades of experience walking the path of Ancient Kemet, she brings a blend of reverence, authenticity and wisdom to her role as founder of Blue Lotus International Soul School.

Jasmeen's mission is to support beings in remembering their true nature and reclaiming their inherent BLISS, empowering them to live lives of innocence, power and beauty.

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Our Sacred Offerings

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BLISS Mentorship 𐦞

BLISS private mentorships are containers for beings who wish to really deepen their soul emergence journey or for those who feel called to weave these teachings into their own work.

I work with only 5 clients per year. Limited spaces available. 


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BLISS from Home

Online Immersions 𓆸

Our signature BLISS Online immersions give you the opportunity to deepen into the Ancient Egyptian mystery teachings.

Learn how to apply them to your own life for profound personal transformation from the comfort of your own home.

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Journey to Sacred Lands

In-Person Retreats 𓄂𓆃

We carefully curate in-person immersions giving initiates an opportunity to go on journey’s in the sacred land of Egypt and other powerful pilgrim spots around the world. An opportunity to go on a deep soul journey with a community of like-minded beings.

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BLISS is a state of being and our birthright, waiting to be reclaimed by those who dare to embark on the journey of remembrance and awakening.


BLISS Online Immersions

AUSET 𓊨𓏏𓁐 

Walking the Path of Love and Power

An indepth exploration of the ancient wisdom path of Auset (Isis) and her sacred union with Ausar (Osiris). 

Awaken to the frequency of love and divine union, tap into your inner power and live in your fullest expression.

A journey to reclaim all of your disconnected and rejected  parts, bringing them back to YOU.

A HOMECOMING into love and power. 

A culmination of twenty years of knowledge and experience of deeply walking the path of Auset. 

A transmission for both men and women, filmed by the Auset temple in Aswan, Egypt. 

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SESHEN & MAAT 𓆸&  𓆄𓏏𓆇𓁦

A Journey of Rebirth with the Blue Lotus and MAAT

Connect with the sacred plant medicine of the blue lotus as you journey through the gates of life, death and rebirth. 

Guided by the ancient wisdom of Maat, the main governing force of ancient Kemet. This alchemical  journey invites you to descend into the depths of your soul, shedding old layers of self to emerge radiant and renewed. 

This journey offers a sacred container for profound inner exploration and soul evolution. Working with 9 Neteru - forces of nature, with a focus on MAAT who governs the heart so that it may emerge as light as a feather.

Filmed at the spring equinox in Luxor, Egypt. 



Pyramid Activation

What lies above, is mirrored below, reminding us of the eternal connection between heaven and earth. 

The BLISS Pyramid Activation connects the power of the pyramids to the body and offers a way for you to work with pyramid power to activate your own. 

Filmed on the 8th of April 2024 major solar eclipse in Scorpio, this is a direct transmission from the Pyramids of Giza.



Sacred sexual union is at the heart of the Ancient Egyptian mysteries.

In this journey, we will deep dive into the sacred unions of the Neteru and explore how we can apply this ancient wisdom to expand experiences of pleasure and intimacy.

We will learn methods to help you nurture a deeper connection with your own sexuality and enrich your loving partnerships.

An invitation to open new pathways in your life and experience greater joy, pleasure and BLISS.


1:1 Mentorship

At BLISS we offer three types of private mentorship for beings who wish to deepen their soul emergence journey with a specific focus in a personalised container.

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Free Content


Free Blue Lotus Mini Course

Learn more about the sacred blue lotus flower which forms the foundation of this school. We invite you to connect with this medicine in our free mini online course - a gift of BLISS from us to you.


1 Guided meditation, 1 Video transmission, 1 Blue Lotus ceremony video and a mini manual.

BLISS Video Blog

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Rising from the Mud

A Journey to BLISS.

As the blue lotus awakens again in our world, so does a prophecy that upon its return humanity awakens again in consciousness. This podcast is in tribute to this awakening and stirring of the end and the beginning of a new civilization. 

Hosted by BLISS founder, Jasmeen. We deep dive into the tools and concepts available to us to transform our own lives and society through storytelling and conversations with experts in the healing arts and changemakers.

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"Jasmeen has all the knowledge and tools to support you. She does this with love and in a pure, 'straight to the point' way. In this way she helps you to grow and truly transform. She has many talents and telling stories is certainly one of them! I slumped like a little child, enjoying every word. She is a networker and a connector. Someone who gives everything! Dear Jasmeen, not only this pilgrimage, but you too are a gift!"

- Chantal Loverbos

"It was unbelievable the power and the divine energy in your transmission. The openness of your heart and sharing your deepest emotions during this guidance gave me the courage to dive deep in my shadows of the unknown. I let go of so many tears of grief and fear. I Don 't know how to thank you for this experience. It totally cracked my heart open and connected fully with the power of the wisdom in my body. Bless you goddess, wow!!!!"

- Marlouk van Gooswilligen

"Jasmeen has a gift of bringing ancient myths alive through her story telling. She opens a doorway for wild imagination, where Kemet starts to breathe again in my body. The simple act of her being is a transmission of these mysteries and it is her devotion and surrender to them that touched me and opened me the most. I feel such deep homecoming from my time with her and the group on the Nile."

- Celeste Gonzales

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