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A journey on the Nile in from Aswan to Cairo

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A Journey of self acceptance and warm embrace of the self


 A journey rising from the mud


Cultivating wisdom and living intimately with the mystery at the core of all things


 A Sacred Journey through Egypt


Visiting Egypt is a soul pilgrimage that leaves a deep imprint on what it means to be human with a heart and soul.

Where do we come from and where do we go?


This journey affirms our nature as divine beings having an earthly experience.

Working with the land, its people, history and guardians is an experience of immersing deep into this culture on many levels.

This journey of the Blue Lotus Immersion is the transformation of the past into the fragrant essence of the soul ready to reveal itself to the world in the present and future.



Group meditations and guided journeys

Yoga, movement and dance


Transmissions on Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Cosmology


Visits to the temples and a guided shamanic journey through the temples


Storytelling, music and creativity


Evening Temples. Eg. Oracle Temple 


Visiting special unique spots that Jasmeen knows as a local

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The Blue Lotus immersion begins at the Temple of Isis in Aswan and moves down the Nile through all the major temples towards the Kings chamber at the Great Pyramid of Egypt.


As they did in ancient times we sail upon a sailboat as we enter different gateways through the worlds.


The group field is our mirror to embodied love and to the emergence of what is ‘real’. Therefore we will be circling up each day together in this collective and cooperative weaving of our field.

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We will gather together in ceremony with the Blue Lotus at different moments and dive into this ancient medicine used by these ancestors for thousands of years


Egypt is a land that calls many initiates back to remember their cosmic origin. It is also a land that has bled, shed and continues to move through many upheavals and huge civilizational changes.



The memory to return asks the initiate to remember the truth in all its light and dark. For the land itself reveals the ageless beauty and the jewel of the cosmos to the downright muck of modern civilization.



This journey is intended to be a powerful soul initiation back to the core and the root of our origin, to our innocent divine blueprint through the gates of awareness and distillation of the illusion and glamour of the mind through sensual and ecstatic current of pure life force.

From the mud, to the bud to the lotus.

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 Shared Room: 3800 Euros

Early bird Single Room (king suite on boat): 1000 Euros

Only a 500 euro deposit is required to secure your spot!

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